A few days ago, @steemmedia ask me to make their logo for using at their steemit page, website (soon), and any kind of media (digital and printing).

What Is Steemmedia?
Steemmedia is a website that (will) build on Steem blockchain (SMTs) as a place for readers to share and discuss chosen informations from digital media in Indonesia.

What Is Steemmedia Objective?
Public become the determinant of good quality information thorug trending system.
Public will receive reward from the effort to searh and discuss the chosen information.
How Does Steemmedia Work?
Readers who find interesting information and important to be read by public will copy the link.
Copy link of that information will be shared in steem media website sharing with its review (copywriting).
Other readers could discuss about the chosen informations.
The one who share the link and the comentators could have a chance to get reward from upvote.
The information link who get the most upvote will become the trending content.

You can visit their page at https://steemit.com/@steemmedia

The brief is :

  • Monogram
  • Use Steem color for their logo color ideas
  • Simple Shape

From that brief, I create the Logo:


This Design have a copyright to ORCHEVA DESIGN & ART ,

For any further information please contact me at orchevadesign@gmail.com or at discord orcheva#1303