What is BASIS NEURO https://ico.basisneuro.com/ ?

Basis Neuro is a platform that will allow people and companies the ability to utilize neurotechnologies. Basis Neuro is actively developing and has a working prototype of headsets which allow users to control electronics and components with their mind.

Control Your World By “The Power of Thought”

Basis Neuro aims to bring their technology to the commercial space by giving companies access to headsets, APIs and SDKs and software that is compatibly with existing systems.

This is Introduction video of Basic Neuro

Why I Chose the Design ?

To design this Basic Neuro Logo, I make a concept from a scratch that represent the product from this company that to make a Headset with modern technology that can help your brain more healthy and connected to all around you.

For the ideas I get from Brain, Technology, Neuron and Headset. I combine that all to be one elegant logo with fresh color.

Benefit from the Logo :

  • Have a elegant and Modern shape
  • Easy to adapt for all media such digital media and printing media
  • Have a different color to adapt different background.

Thanks to @mediaworks to bring us an information and to held a Logo Contest to this media.


If you need for further information about ORCHEVA DESIGN & ART,

Please contact me in orchevadesign@gmail.com